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Rajdarbar Group set foot it industry in 1960, it is a diversified group with business interests in different industries ranging from steel utensils, oil refineries, brick fields and cinemas back in the day to the present day focus on healthcare, food-tech, wellbeing and its main pillar of real estate development. Rajdarbar group gained popularity with its namesake pan masala brand that was the one-sided market leader for over two decades and now it is doing the same with real estate. With more than 50 years of experience in real estate, the group boasts of some of the most iconic landmarks across different parts of India.

Rajdarbar Group developed India’s first and biggest IT SEZ part in silicon valley of India by the name of Vrindawan Tech Village. This project was a 106 acre project close to the airport. The group also developed Global technology park, which was again an IT SEZ part with over 9Lakh sq. ft office space and a 250 room hotel. The group has delivered multiple township projects in the past and boast of a current portfolio of at least six active integrated and mega-township projects. Rajdarbar group is actively developing many retail and commercial projects as well. The group has real estate operations in many cities in different states across India including Delhi, UP, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan. The group enjoys a great reputation for excellence in many different industry across the country.

Rajdarbar Group was birthed in the holy soil of Mathura, Vrindawan and Haridwar and it’s core values make sure it stays true to it’s roots. The Group promoters, over the decades, have been involved in the running of many charitable and religious organisations and try to stay very active on the CSR front. Rajdarbar Group understands the responsibility it has towards it’s customers and undertakes projects that will have an overall benefit for the society and its customers at large. The Group believes in staying true to its values by providing great quality of products and services with the latest technology and prices it’s products very competitively so that maximum people can benefit from them. It is also very important that we give back to the society so we are increasing our focus on industries that can really benefit many.

  1. 1960

    The year Rajdarbar set its foot in the business fraternity.

  2. 1960 - 1970

    This was the decade of making steel utensils (steel ware).

  3. 1970 - 1988

    The group entered the business of brick fields, cinema and kick started investing in land.

  4. 1988-1990

    The Rajdarbar businesses started expanding, and it was time to get into oil refinery, oil mill and tin factories. The real estate business of investing in land, and acquiring land continued to be a success.

  5. 1990 - 2005

    These 15 years had been glorious for the Rajdarbar Group. One of the most iconic Pan Masala brands, Rajdarbar went on becoming a popular national brand. Real estate business evolved into building and development of spaces.

  6. 2005 - ongoing

    With more than 50 years of experience in real estate, Rajdarbar Group has been strengthening this core. The group has been the name behind some of the iconic landmarks across different parts of India.


Known for its quality products and unmatchable services, Rajdarbar group has vested interests over 15 different industries, out of which some notable companies are mentioned below.

Rajdarbar ventures is one of the biggest Real Estate Companies in India that has a major reach in metros and tier-2 cities, the company has developed over 20 million square feet of area and has over 19 projects in 7 different states and a happy customer base of 100,000+ people. Notable Developed projects by the group include Vrindavan tech village, Bangalore - a 105 acre IT SEZ park which hosts many fortune 500 companies and also won the ‘MIPIM Asia Green Building Award’ in 2014, Aastha city center (shopping complex)- it is a 4 lakh sq. feet commercial area in the heart of the Agra, with a view of Taj mahal and 350+ shops, Aastha city mega-township Agra - a 200-acre township project on Rungta road Agra, with a masterplan of 1000+ villas, Jubilee Bazaar Chandni chowk New Delhi- it is a shopping complex in the heart of Chandni Chowk. Narsi townships Mathura - it refers to 3 different integrated townships in Mathura with over 300 Villas and 1200 households. The group runs many such commercial and residential projects in different parts of India including Haryana, Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi, Mathura, Agra, Kosi and many more are underway.

Rajdarbar Group Rajdarbar Group

Started in 1990, Rajdarbar pan masala is one of the leading mouth freshener brands in India, with a Pan India presence , this product set the roots of the group in the FMCG sector, which later led to diversification of the group in different industries.

Rajdarbar Group Rajdarbar Group

Rajdarbar Group recently ventured into the pharmaceuticals and personal care industry with the goal of improving the access of the best quality of medicines and personal care products to the masses of India through its vertical Rich Faith Pharmaceuticals.Rich Faith pharmaceuticals stand tall on its strong foundation of medicinal and pharmaceutical products with the latest technology and best marketing techniques.

The pharmaceutical division of Rich Faith has a pan-India presence with over 50 different drug formulations and a team of over 200 representatives in a short span of time. Popular brands owned by the company include Richmox, Rutogesic, Of-lock, Trump cold, Nutriall, Urikem, Moxycon and Menosyp.

Rich Faith personal care products cater to the fast-growing FMCG and OTC market, with a pan India reach, it has a network of over 400 distributors, 200 sales representatives and 30+ products. Some of the popular brands marketed by the company are Befree sanitary napkins, Honey-Kid diapers, Chiller body spray, Ghanekesh hair oil, Sodarich and Orthoshakti pain oil.

Rajdarbar Group Rajdarbar Group

Rajdarbar Nutraceuticals is the latest and the most exciting venture of rajdarbar group, having prior expertise of pharmaceuticals and food industry, we have an expert team of scientists and researchers that will help us to use best food technology and scientific formulations needed for food supplements and fortification industry, We also have a prior pharmaceutical infrastructure to maintain the hygiene and quality assurance of the products manufactured.

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