Should You Buy or Should You Rent a House?

From time immemorial, one of the most significant dilemmas has been comparing Buying and Renting a House. Many people across the globe are still in a dilemma, whether to go for buying a house or renting. The truth is that there is no clear answer for this one. Whether renting a home will be better for you or buying will be a beneficial deal depends on many factors.

In developed countries like the United States of America, residents tend to own properties. However, in developing countries like India, absolute ownership is still not widespread for many. So, instead of debating whether buying a house will be better for you or renting it will be more economical, let us have a glance at the various parameters that most often help one decide out of the two.

The Satisfaction of Ownership

Needless to elaborate, that every earning individual dreams of owning their house someday. It induces a pride of ownership in the individual and is a matter of great prestige. Being the house owner adds a unique tag of establishment and rank to the person’s name.

Renting, on the other hand, can never give you such pride. Many people hate the idea of rent simply because they will be known as tenants.


When renting a property, the money you are paying to the owner every month is not leading you towards the ownership of any asset. However, if one pays the same amount as EMI, they can easily traverse the path towards owning their own house. It is like working for someone else and putting the same labor into building your own brand.

Ability to Relocate

One of the best benefits of renting is that it gives the freedom of relocation. You can easily change your location. This is of particular importance if you are into transferable jobs. Also, you can choose the ideal place to stay - the locality that will be in proximity to the kid’s school or your workplace. On the other hand, if you are buying a house, there is no scope for relocation as and when needed. Owning can restrict your ability to locomote according to your dynamic requirements.

Maintenance Costs

Renting often does not involve additional costs for maintenance that is associated with keeping up with your own house. You can overlook the need for renovation in a rented house, but you cannot do it if the house is your own.

Final Words

The debate between which is better will keep on going forward. The reality is that owning your own house is a psychological and societal fulfillment. A real estate asset can also be one of the most significant achievements of your lifetime.

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